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When your application relies on high quality molded urethane you can count on ESCO Plastics to deliver the best materials for your production application. As one of the earliest pioneers in the cast urethane industry, we are the premier manufacturer for many of the world’s largest brands, and we would love to help you create high-grade goods that will stand the test of time. Contact us today to discover how your company can benefit from our urethane products!

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The first step in our custom casting process begins with your idea, or concept, of a part. This idea may be as simple as a verbal description of a new part, or it may be as detailed as an existing part with previously established specifications.



Tooling will be machined from aluminum, steel, or other alloy depending on the requirements of the mold. The new mold will be checked by our team before a sample part is poured to confirm its match to design specifications.



The custom casting mold will then move into one of our urethane workstations and a sample part will be poured. Our technicians will use previously established formulations that will yield a part that will conform to your design requirements.



These first parts will be compared to standards established during the initial stages of the process. Once we confirm these standards have been met, the part will be sent to you for your approval.



Based on your feedback and the results of the inspection process, we initiate full-scale production and finishing of a high-quality urethane part that completely fulfills your requirements.

What Our Customers Say

When our company urgently requires urethane components from ESCO we are never disappointed in either delivery or quality. Parts are right the first time, after delivery follow up from sales to technical support is “Best in Class”. Day-to-day support and responsiveness from ESCO over the last 15 plus years has ranked them in our top 2 quality rated vendors each year.

Director of Engineering, Oilfield Services Company

We have been a customer of ESCO Plastics for over 15 Years. We have been very pleased and satisfied with their quality, price and service. The best part of course has been their management; we have always found them very courteous and friendly, always eager to help. This has made the relationship between our companies very strong. Read More

Owner, Solids Control Company

ESCO Plastics is a valued supplier for my company. They can always be counted on to do whatever it takes to deliver quality products to us – even when I have to squeeze the delivery time which often happens in the oil and gas industry. In the ten years that we’ve been doing business together I have never had to question ESCO’s quality or commitment to our company.

Purchasing Manager, Exploration Company

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